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What's Folken? The classic kendama brand since 2012!

After a long anticipated two-year wait, we are back! With a completely new ken shape and better paint, Folken will return again with as much faith as when we began! - Kendama for Folk!

As our name, Folken is kendama for folk. Kendama belongs to us to show our faith of the life as the pith. X-game players have their own spirit and even a little kid has his/her life dreams. Everyone has his/her belief, it could be very simple just like to have a good weather or even have a good dream to wait for the next challenge. No matter how big it is, it's all important to support in your life. The spirit of Folken is the way to support your belief and fulfill your dream. Anywhere anytime. Everywhere everytime. Belongs to everyone, especially for you.


What's the meaning of "II"?

You may have already come to realize that this represents the number 2 for Folken number two, but it also represents the new design. In addition to an improvement in performance and balance, we also wanted the logo to look like something you see every day, a stair post. Incorporating this classic piece of wood craftsmanship into the shape of our kens gives them the look of not just a toy, but a work of art. The II also symbolizes the two years that went into the design and prototyping process to bring quality Folken Kendamas back to the masses! We are thrilled to be back!