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What's the meaning of "II"?

You may have already come to realize that this represents the number 2 for Folken number two, but it also represents the new design. In addition to an improvement in performance and balance, we also wanted the logo to look like something you see every day, a stair post. Incorporating this classic piece of wood craftsmanship into the shape of our kens gives them the look of not just a toy, but a work of art. The II also symbolizes the two years that went into the design and prototyping process to bring quality Folken Kendamas back to the masses! We are thrilled to be back!

About new shape

Folken II’s new unique shape was inspired by the look of a stair post. In 2014, Folken designers began thinking about new shapes to relaunch the Folken brand with, and they sought after a shape that would harmonize playability with an artistic aesthetic. After a long time with no good ideas for a new shape, the designers found inspiration in an unusual place, a stairway. Upon viewing the wood craftsmanship and beauty of the stair post our designer thought “How can I incorporate this into a kendama?” His plan came to fruition and the Folken II was born.